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Translations legally certified for official use in the United States or abroad …

At Isarey, we offer recognised sworn and certified translations for use in the United States and in over 100 different countries. We work with all types of documents, including corporate and commercial documents, identity documents and legal certificates, and offer certified translations in all major European, African and Asian languages.

Certification is generally carried out in the country where the translation is to be used, confirming that the translation is a true and accurate translation of the original document. Depending on the certifying method and jurisdiction, certification means that the validity of the translation is legally recognised and that the translation can be used as a legal equivalent of the original document.

In certain cases, the original document also requires authentication because it was issued in another country. In such cases, we work internationally to arrange certification of both the translation and the original source document. For further information please see:

While certification procedures vary from country to country and also depend on the type of document and intended use, Isarey will take care of the entire process. We work in the United States and abroad to ensure that procedures are correctly followed, dealing efficiently with locally authorised translators and agencies, local notaries, courts, consulates and government offices.

If you need a certified or sworn translation of any document or if you need to officially certify the authenticity of a document, please contact us. We will analyse your specific requirements and get back to you with a quotation that includes all costs.

Certified Translations in over 100 Countries

A certified translation is a translation confirmed as accurate and true to the original source document. This confirmation can be official or based on the credentials of the translator or agency issuing the certification.

Certified translations are often required for use in formal procedures such as visa or residency applications and identity checks, and in public tender procedures. For a certified translation to be legally or officially recognised, it must comply with the rules of the country where it will be used:

– and so, it is important to use a translation company with international expertise in arranging certification and document attestation.

In most countries (e.g. France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Brazil …), only officially authorised translators can certify translations and they can only certify the specific language combination for which they are qualified. These translators may be appointed by central or regional government, sworn before the courts or accredited by a professional body. In any case, only translations certified by authorised translators are valid. In other countries such as Singapore, translations need to be authenticated by an official, professional or academic body.

In other countries (e.g. the United Kingdom, Japan, United States …), there are no officially appointed certified translators and technically any professional translator or translation agency can certify a translation. It is often advisable to employ translators accredited by a professional organisation, such as the American Translators Association or the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, and in some cases translations should be notarised to verify the translator’s signature and identity.

If a certified translation is required by a foreign embassy or a consulate, for example to support a visa application, the embassy will often only accept translations performed by local translators which they have appointed.

Apostille Certification and Consular Legalisation

If the original source document of a certified translation was issued in another country (for example, you need to submit a certified translation of a German university diploma in Canada or a translation of a French criminal record certificate in Dubai), the original document may need to be certified as well as the translation.

The original document will need to be certified as authentic by the authorities of the issuing country in a manner that is recognised by the authority in the country receiving the document.

Depending on the countries involved, this means obtaining an internationally recognised certification (Apostille Certificate), which is usually issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or it may be necessary to obtain certification from the local consular representative of the recipient country (consular legalisation).

Isarey takes care of the entire certification process from start to finish. We will ensure that all documents and their translations are properly certified in accordance with local requirements.

We work internationally through certified translators and selected agents based locally in over 100 countries, including law firms, notaries and specialist translation companies.

First-hand expertise in local procedures and experience dealing with authorised translators, notaries, ministries, consulates and other government offices ensures that certification is carried out efficiently and securely, and at minimum cost.

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We price each project individually, depending on the source and target language, the speciality and complexity of the subject matter, the size of the project, the need for additional review, urgency and on whether official certification is required. We will reduce the price if we find repeated text and will offer discounted rates for non-urgent translations.

To receive a quote for your translation project, you can upload your documents using our online quotation form or send us your documents by email. After reviewing your project, we will get back to you with a quotation, offering a range of urgent and non-urgent pricing options:

Alternatively, you can provide a link to your documents or enter a URL if you need to translate a website. If you don’t have the documents available, just describe the documents you need to translate, and we will get back to you with an estimation of cost and delivery times.

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